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Maglena Vera Vasilievna


Treatment of dental-maxillary anomalies, biliary pathologies. Treatment of dental-maxillary anomalies, biliary pathologies.

  • International Spring Seminar: "Chewing organ: condition, diagnostics, rehabilitation", Poltava (2012);
  • Ukrainian International symposium of quintessence "Parodontology and Restorative Dentistry", lecturers: Christian Hase (Germany), Myron Ugrin (Ukraine), Kiev, (2012);
  • International lecture hall "Modern technologies of treatment and prophylaxis in practical stomatology" on the basis of the training center of the UDA named after professor M.F. Danilevskii;
  • Congress "Lingual Technology - A View from Within", Moscow (2013);
  • Ukrainian orthodontic congress "New technologies in orthodontics": "Influence of vitamin D deficiency on of dentoalveolar anomalies of children" (2013).
  • National Medical University named after A. A. Bogomolets
  • National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education named after P. L. Shupik (2013)
  • courses "Effective use of MBT in clinical practice", Dr. John Scholey and Dr.Colin Melrose, Киев (2011 г.);
  • theoretical course: "Modern concepts in orthodontics", Lecturer - Dr. Ram S.Nanda, Киев, (2012 г.);
  • «The invisalign course»;
  • courses of Academy of Orthodontic Continuing Education "Current Concepts in the Orthodontic Management of Temporomandibular Disorders" (2013);
  • educational typodont courses by S.A. Popov for orthodontists: "Absolute anchorage in orthodontic practice. VectorTAS", St. Petersburg (2013);
  • course: «What about orthodontics? Orthodontic difficult cases «Class II Malocclusion, Speaker - Turi Bassarelli, Kiev (2013);
  • Post-Graduate Education «Six Elements Orthodontic Philosophy Introductory Cours», Lawrence F. Andrews, DDS, M.Drohomyretska, Prof., Kyiv.
  • Association of Orthodontists of Ukraine;
  • Ukrainian Dental Association.
  • implantation of teeth and prosthetics;
  • installation of bracket systems, cap, plates;
  • installation of veneers, lumineers, cercon;
  • treatment of dental diseases using magnifying optics;
  • cleaning and teeth whitening with hardware;
  • removal of benign neoplasms of gums, etc.
  • impact teeth
  • impactions
  • dichotomy teeth

Diplomas and certificates