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Shtefaniuk Alina Andreevna


Therapeutic treatment: caries, pulpitis, periodontitis, aesthetic restorations

  • all kinds of orthopedic treatment
  • tooth whitening
  • comprehensive treatment plan
  • motivation of patients for comprehensive treatment
  • patient care, supervision and coordination
  • CT interpretation

Dentist, drawing up a comprehensive treatment plan, supervising patients, specializing in CT images interpretation. Treatment of caries, tartar, pulpitis, adentia, etc.

Alina Andreevna speaks English (beginner).

  • practical seminar "Prevention in dentistry";
  • practical seminar "Actual issues of clinical paradontology";
  • workshop "Towards excellence in prevention";
  • workshop "Direct restoration of anterior teeth";
  • workshop "Direct restoration of distal teeth";
  • lecture "Local anesthetics and allergic reactions";
  • workshop "Restoration of contact point of distal group of teeth";
  • lecture "Photography in dentistry".
National Medical University named after A.A. Bohomolets, c. Kiev, 2011
  • comprehensive treatment plan;
  • motivation of patients for comprehensive treatment;
  • patient care, supervision and coordination;
  • CT interpretation
  • adentium
  • gingivitis
  • dental scale
  • caries
  • parodontosis
  • parodontosis
  • pulpitis
  • stomatitis

Diplomas and certificates