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Zozulinskaia Inna Vasilievna


Therapeutic dentistry: treatment of carious, non-carious teeth, restoration of teeth, seals, fissure sealing.
In addition, Dr. Zozulinskaia treats the youngest patients.

  • training program "Baby food or how to get maximum efficiency from prevention, sealing and glass ionomers", ZM (2015);
  • course "Professional hygiene", Dentline dental company (2015);
  • "Endodontia 1.0" (2015).
  • course "Repeated endodontic treatment" (2015).
  • endodontia;
  • treatment of carious lesions;
  • hygienic teeth cleaning;
  • fissure sealing
  • dental scale
  • caries
  • parodontosis
  • pulpitis
  • stomatitis

Diplomas and certificates