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Cosmetic dentistry

New methods of treatment have appeared, as well as many new materials in recent years, thanks to the intensive development of technologies in medicine and dentistry in particular.

They enabled treatment and correction of previously complex defects, obtaining a significant visual, cosmetic and aesthetic result. In turn, this led to the emergence of a new kind of dentistry, such as aesthetic dentistry.

Aesthetic dentistry is a complex of measures aimed at improving appearance of teeth and creating an attractive and beautiful smile. There are five main steps on the way to your new smile.

  • A set of measures to correct minor tooth defects, such as: chips, cracks in the enamel, prevention of carious spots. Restoration of chips and cracks by a good dentist-therapist is not a very tiring procedure for the patient.
  • A set of measures aimed at identifying, treating, preventing various anomalies, bite pathologies and dentition, as well as lone standing teeth. Treatment is determined by the orthodontist as well as brace systems or orthodontic plates. In rare cases, the surgery may be required.
  • Build up or prosthetics. Treatment is determined by the orthopedist, well, if the situation is quite bad, you will have to visit the surgeon and remove the teeth that cannot be cured. You have to understand that all the gaps in your dentition shall be filled in, otherwise your smile will not be perfect if there is no central incisor.
  • Color, namely color of the teeth. The standard of beauty is snow-white teeth, they can definitely attract attention of others. Use a set of procedures for teeth whitening and enamel.
  • Last. Treatment of gums as needed. Installation of skyce, decoration for the teeth.

Believe us, aesthetic dentistry helps people. If it seems to you of little use to the average person, remember how nice it is to just smile. Time passes by and modern dentists have more opportunities to help people. Decoration of teeth with slices appeared during recent years. Skyces are usually semiprecious or precious stones glued to the surface of the tooth. Skyces are foxed on a pre-prepared tooth using special glue. With the help of skyces you can hide some small defects of teeth, and they also have an incomparable visual effect.

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