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Implantation is the most effective, reliable and modern type of prosthetics that will save you from all dental problems forever, more precisely for more than 40 years.

Prosthesis begins after the final implantation (integration) of the implant into the bone. The treatment period will take two to three months (depending on the type of jaw). Today there is no more reliable way to restore the lost tooth, than implantation.

If the tooth was removed two or three months ago and there is sufficient ridge, we can plan on the implantation the next day after the consultation.

At decrease of bone tissue on the upper or lower jaws, you will need a surgery to insert bone tissue. It is called sinus lifting. After this operation, bone is restored in eight months. Then the process of implantation begins. The doctor will advice on the implant system.

It can be: “Alfa Bio”, “Nobel Biocare”, “ANCYLOS”, etc.

In two to four months, when the implant fully fuses with the bone and forms a monolith we will get prints and put a permanent crown.

If you lost teeth on the upper and lower jaws, we can put four or eight implants, and use a temporary prosthesis. That is, we create an immediate load, and you immediately get the teeth to chew food before setting a permanent dentition.

Not only the implant solves the problem of lost teeth, but it also removes the excess load from neighboring teeth and consequently saves them.

“VerMax” dentistry offers implantation using modern equipment of European quality level.
Great experience in the field of implantology of our doctors enables treatment of the most complex clinical cases at the highest quality and efficacy level.