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Oral hygiene

In order to have healthy and beautiful teeth, a person needs to learn how to properly care for them, that is, to comoply wiht hygiene of the oral cavity.

It is necessary to understand that any disease is easier to prevent than treat. For this purpose, a set of preventive measures is applied in medicine, where the main attention is paid to hygiene both general and individual. Dentistry is not an exception, and the main work on prevention of dental diseases is aimed at explaining to the population how to properly care for their teeth, in other words, to keep oral hygiene.

The basis of dental care is a series of hygienic manipulations (activities). Hygienic measures are mandatory for all people without exception, regardless of the age and condition of the teeth. Such manipulations can be:

  • professional (in the clinic);
  • individual (at home).

Dental clinics offer a number of hygiene operations, such as: fluoridation of teeth, professional tooth cleaning.

Professional dental cleaning is performed by a dentist in a clinic. Professional cleaning of the patient’s teeth helps to get rid of dental plaque, deposit and tartar and does not injure the mucous membrane (gum). “VerMax” dental clinic uses  Air Flow system or ultrasonic cleaning of teeth. Both methods treat mucous membrane gently and are practically painless.

Personal hygiene of the oral cavity implies the use of personal hygiene products at home: toothbrush, toothpaste or tooth powder; dental floss, tooth elixirs, rinses. Using toothbrush and toothpaste a person mechanically (brush) and chemically (paste) removes soft dental plaque. To get a real therapeutic and prophylactic effect, a person should know how to properly brush teeth, when and in what situations to use this or that oral hygiene remedy. Contact doctors of our dental clinic for consultation and they will gladly teach you this simple but important procedure.

During a personal visit the dentist will be able to assess the general condition of your teeth and gums. If necessary, the doctor will prescribe a course of remineralizing or anti-inflammatory therapy, in addition the doctor can recommend preparations for endogenous prevention (calcium, fluoride, phosphorus, trace elements and vitamins).