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Pediatric dentistry

Pediatric dentistry occupies a special place, since it deals with the most helpless creatures, i.e., children. Doctors of “VerMax” dental clinic treating children are experienced and qualified specialists. They are able to provide your child with proper medical care, thanks to their knowledge of the newest methods of treatment and diagnosis of children’s dental diseases. Our specialists, knowing the subtleties of children’s psychology and thoroughly knowing their profession, will ensure dental treatment without unnecessary stress for children.

Teeth develop in close connection with the overall development and growth of the child’s body. That is why problems with temporary bite may jeopardize health and development of the child as a whole. Also, condition of the baby teeth directly affects the development of permanent teeth and bite.

Teeth diseases and their complications conceal a big threat to the young rapidly developing child’s body. No treatment and prevention of dental diseases (unrooted caries, etc.)  contributes to complications. Most often it leads to a number of inflammatory diseases such as: pulpitis, gingivitis, periodontitis. The danger is that the arising inflammatory process is able to transfer to healthy nearby tissues, which can lead to irreversible consequences for the entire dentoalveolar system of a child.

To successfully work with children a dentist should know the anatomy (children’s teeth), as well as to take into account features of the child’s organism development during different age periods.

Treatment of children’s teeth requires from the dentist not only significant professional knowledge and skills, but great communicative skills, as well as knowledge of children psychology. After all, warm trust is very important for the doctor and doctor’s young patient. Only in this case it is possible to ensure a high-qualitative and fruitful cooperation.