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The best method of caring about your teeth is to ensure individual oral hygiene and prevent from dental diseases. Therapeutic Stomatology Department of “VerMax” clinic offers a huge range of tools for teeth and mouth mucous membranes treatment.

Therapeutic treatment plays a crucial role. It studies diseases of teeth and periodontal tissues, causes of their origin (etiology) and development of the disease, its individual manifestations (pathogenesis), as well as diagnosis, development of methods of treatment and prevention.

“VerMax” dental clinic offers  complex treatment in all spheres of therapeutic dentistry.
New technologies applied in our clinic and high qualification of our dentists will help to save even the most affected teeth even in the most hopeless cases.

“VerMax” Therapeutic Department is engaged in:

  • cariesiology: studying caries, its causes, pathogenesis, methods of its treatment and prevention;
  • endontium: studying endodontal tissue (pulp, dentin, root canals), their diseases (pulpitis, etc.) and pathologies, methods of treatment of cavity and root canals;
  • periodontics: periodontitis prevention and treatment;
  • oral mucosa diseases: treatment of ulcerative stomatitis, glossitis, aphthous stomatitis, cheilitis, catarrhal stomatitis, elements of oral mucosa diseases.