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Credit for dentistry

Dental services on credit assume that patients can get a loan for a convenient period to pay for these services by installments. Loan for treatment, dental prosthetics, orthodontics, implantation esnures absolutely access to all services of the clinic and is not economically a material burden for family finances, unlike a one-time payment, especially for large amounts.

Please note that you will get clear and accurate schedule of calculate monthly payments. Call us, appoint a free consultation and we’ll talk in detail about everything. The main thing is that you must decide on two main indicators: initial payment and loan period or period of installment payment for dental treatment. The rest we will do for you.

Example No.1

All-purpose 0% loan (without extra charges for a patient)
Loan term: 8 months;
Loan amount: from UAH 35 000;
Advance payment: 44 % of treatment cost;
Costs of a patient: 0% of loan treatment.

Example No.2

All-purpose 8% loan
Loan term: from 8 to 17 months;
Loan amount: from UAH 80 000;
Loan interest rate: 8% per month;
Advance payment: 40% of treatment cost;
Costs of a patient: 8% of loan treatment.

After detailed advice and the program:

  • total loan amount;
  • credit terms;
  • down payment

you get the exact amount of monthly payments, amount of overpayment (if any).

You can get a loan to pay for all dental services, starting with the amount of UAH 35 000.

Procedure for obtaining a loan is simplified as much as possible, which allows our patients to receive a loan directly in the clinic. Bank decides on loan issue in 15-20 minutes only. Everything happens on the day and without unnecessary delay and red tape.

The procedure is the following:

  1. The patient is invited to the clinic for a free consultation.
  2. Dentist provides consultation and the patient discusses a treatment plan after the examination.
  3. According to the agreed treatment plan, the final amount for all stages of treatment is estimated, with a breakdown on specific positions.
  4. The patient decides how much he is willing to pay immediately, and how much to take on credit.
  5. The administrator of the clinic, based on the patient’s words, fills in a questionnaire that lists the patient’s own data, presents 1 or 2 documents, depending on the amount of the proposed loan, it is sufficient to show only the passport of the citizen of Ukraine and the tax identification code.
  6. The questionnaire filled in at the clinic is sent to the bank. The bank reviews the data on the loan application and takes a decision, providing an answer. Most often it is a positive decision on the possibility of providing a loan to a specific patient for dental services.
  7. The patient can start treatment on the day of getting approval from the bank, having previously signed documents from the bank on his part, having received a copy of the loan agreement with the bank.
  8. The bank transfers the loan funds to the clinic, so the loan obligations are assumed by the patient towards the bank and monthly, within a set time, the patient shall pay the loan until it is fully repaid.
  9. The second option refers to dental services with payment by installments. It is also possible, but the main condition is payment of 30% of the total cost of treatment at the beginning. Please visit the clinic for more information on payment options.