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Our services

We offer patients a full range of services to make your teeth healthy and attractive. The most popular are:


The most effective, reliable and modern type of prosthetics


Studying functional and aesthetic disorders of the maxillofacial area in combination with normalization of overall health

Dental prosthetics

Process of elimination of dentition defects or alveolar bone and prevention of further organ destruction

Pediatric dentistry

No treatment and prevention of dental diseases contributes to complications


Studies diseases of teeth and periodontal tissues


Modern surgical stomatology implements comprehensive approach to dental treatment


Dentistry dealing with treatment and prevention of periodontal diseases is called periodontics

Cosmetic dentistry

Aesthetic dentistry is a complex of measures aimed at improving appearance of teeth and creating an attractive and beautiful smile. There are five main steps on the way to your new smile.

Oral hygiene

In order to have healthy and beautiful teeth, a person needs to learn how to properly care for them, that is, to comoply wiht hygiene of the oral cavity.